460 Broad St.  Waverly, NY  14892


Available for a minimum of 40 people, your SELECT BUFFET includes, in addition to YOUR choices,
the following:  Assorted Rolls/Butter, Regular & Decaffeinated Coffee,& one Dessert Selection


THE 'A' BUFFET:    Choose 2 items from the LEFT HAND, 2 from the RIGHT HAND,and 2 Salads

THE 'A+' BUFFET   Choose 3 items from the LEFT HAND, 3 from the RIGHT HAND, and 3 Salads

LEFT HAND SELECTIONS:                                RIGHT HAND SELECTIONS:
Roast Top Round of Beef (with Gravy or Au Jus)      Seasoned Roasted Potatoes
Sliced London Broil Au Jus                                      Stuffed Baked Potatoes
Glazed Baked Ham                                                  Parslied  Potatoes
Roasted Herb Chicken                                             Baked Potato w/ butter or sour cream
Chicken Breast Strips Marsala                                  Whipped Potatoes
Chicken Breasts YOUR way:                                    Creamed Herb Potatoes
     *In Lefty's BBQ Sauce                                      Baked Beans
     *Marinated                                                        Pasta Alfredo
     *Basil Seasoned                                                Ziti Marinara
     *Honey Glazed                                                 Seasoned Bread Stuffing
Roast Turkey with Gravy                                          Rice Pilaf
Roast Pork Loin with Gravy                                      Lemon Zest Green Beans
LEFTY'S Seafood Selection:                                     Chef's Vegetable Blend
      *Seafod Alfredo OR                                          Sweet & Sour Baby Carrots
      *Chef's Seafood Supreme                                  New Peas w/ onion
Scrod-Subtly Breaded
Lemon Baked Fish

SALAD SELECTIONS                                          DESSERTS (PICK ONE):
Traditional or Dill New Potato Salad                          Frosted Sheet Cake-yellow, chocolate, or marble
Macaroni Salad                                                         Warm Apple Crisp w/ Ice Cream
LEFTY'S Pineapple Cabbage Salad                            Glazed Brownies
Pasta Salad Italiano                                                    LEFTY-sized Chocolate Chip Cookies
Spinach Salad                                                           Vanilla Ice Cream topped with:
Bacon Broccoli Salad                                                        *Fudge Sauce OR
Fresh Fruit Salad                                                               *Creme de Menthe
Garden Tossed Salad                                                 Rich Chocolate Mousse OR
Waldorf Salad                                                            *Baker's Select Mousse
Marinated Bean Salad                                                 Pavlocca - Meringue Fruit Dessert
Antipasto Salad (additional fee)

      We will also carve your choice of sliced meats at your buffet for an additional fee.
        (Roasted or Smoked Prime Rib also available on your buffet for an additional fee.)

LEFTY'S RIGHT HAND caters to YOU ! If you have special desires,
please let us know and we'll work WITH YOU !
              *Remember to add 7.5% NY Sales tax and 15% service charge to the per person meal cost.